Beautiful spot, beautiful wines, beautiful lifestyle.

But what about the tricky parts? Managing the revenue stream/s for a wine business. Managing all the marketing, the communications, the identity, the feel of the place. The strategy. The budget. Working alongside winemakers (or making the wine yourself), collaborating with your competitors, cooperating with your local tourism board. Finding great staff, nurturing them, inspiring them, managing them. Keeping them.

We can’t help you with all of this, but we can help you train your staff.

We know the challenges faced by cellar door businesses. We know you’re busy, on a budget, doing everything you can to put the wine brand on the map, get consumers in the door and spending their money.

Your wine brand though, is only as good as the person selling it.

If that’s you, all the time – then you’re probably in safe hands.

If you have staff, its probably a different story.

The Vintuition workshop is designed specifically for cellar door staff. Over one day, the workshop covers everything your staff need to know to be capable, knowledge brand ambassadors.  

See what the program covers here and learn more about how it can benefit your business.