IT GOES BEYOND BASIC WINE OR HOSPITALITY TRAINING, TeachING participants everything they need to know to perform at an industry benchmark level. In addition to wine knowledge and insights into tourism best practice, the workshop demonstrates in a practical, logical and informed way exactly how to deliver exceptional, memorable tasting experiences that result in high sales and increased brand loyalty. 


No other scenario in the producer-to-consumer space gives as much opportunity to develop ongoing, high value relationships with your customers as the cellar door experience.
— Clare Burder, Vintuition

the fundamentals

Each Vintuition regional workshop runs for 4.5 hours and is designed to specifically address the training needs of people who work in cellar door. Each workshop is held within a wine region and is open to anyone from any winery from that, or neighbouring regions. The fee covers all all materials & afternoon tea, in addition to the wines tasted in the masterclass module.  We also provide a comprehensive booklet for all participants. 

THE philosophy

knowledgable & confident staff create brand ambassadors

We believe that investing in staff training is the key to maximising the potential value of any customer. Confident, knowledgeable & passionate people deliver great experiences, creating high-value brand ambassadors.

This in turn creates a ripple effect: brand ambassadors authenticate, humanise & fortify your brand, elevating your venue above the competition.  They share your wines, your stories; your unique offering -and they do it for free! Vintuition was created because we know that every experience counts, every interaction is an opportunity and every customer defines the future of your business. 

the framework

it’s not about customer satisfaction, it’s about customer delight.

Throughout the day, the workshop builds a framework on which staff can conduct their duties, while also providing opportunities to benchmark their performance. The workshop begins with a module created to establish an understanding of what customers expect from the cellar door. The second module is aimed at increasing wine knowledge and building ideas around how to talk about wine with different groups of people. The final, and major session provides a five step framework for conducting memorable tastings. See below for more details. 


Arrival | Registration & Introductions

15 - 20 minutes | Module One : Understanding customer expectations

75 minutes| Module Two: Talking About Wine

60 minutes | Module Three : Part one - How To Deliver Exceptional Tastings


15 minutes | Afternoon Break

75 minutes | Module Three : Part two - How To Deliver Exceptional Tastings

30 minues | Q & A + Problem Solving Discussion

> Please note that afternoon tea is included in the price and we'll endeavour to cater for any dietary requirements

module one: understanding consumer expectation

If every customer was a VIP, how would the service change? This module connects the importance of exceptional service with every customer to the success of the brand, the business, the region and the tourism industry in general. It explores what customers expect from a cellar door, how they communicate those expectations and how they evaluate the experience (through word-of-mouth, online and direct feedback channels). It highlights the proven effect that having a great experience impacts positively on the brand through many avenues, over a long period of time.

module two: talking about wine

How should staff tailor wine information to such a wide variety of people? This fundamental module covers an introduction to wine vocabulary, how to talk about wine in different ways to suit different consumers and how to leverage regional character, brand stories & wine style to engage guests and increase sales. Each wine serves as a starting point to brainstorm ideas and explore ways to talk about those wines to different types of consumers. The tastings also aim to bring perspective to wine style, teach wine quality assessment, explore the science of wine & food matching and expand wine-related vocabulary. 

module three: the delight factor: how to deliver



What is actually required for a consumer to engage with a brand? This session gives participants the chance to ditch the tasting bench script, instead providing a how-to guide for providing exceptional service & inspiring genuine hospitality with all types of customers. 

Taking up most of the afternoon, this module utilises a five-step framework to create memorable tastings - from a welcoming greeting to a warm goodbye. It teaches participants how to build engagement through the development of trust, and how to convert that trust into sales and sign-ups. 

It teaches participants how to communicate key brand & regional messages without sounding repetitive, how to tailor wine related talk to different types of consumers and how to how to encourage and manage social media use in cellar door. It teaches confidence in delivering tastings and how to leverage this for increased sales. 

There is a major focus on how to sell & upsell, how to increase direct & online engagement, how to increase newsletter subscriptions and wine club loyalty, how to overcome sales objections and how to communicate brand messages to maximize word of mouth & social proof. 

Importantly, this module also tackles some of the practical issues faced in cellar door. For example, how to make the most of customers who are not tasting, how to engage adults with children & how to handle complaints.

The floor is then opened up for a problem solving Q&A session, where participants can ask questions, discuss the content and explore specific concerns.  

Throughout the whole day, all modules are interactive and wherever possible will be guided by the input and feedback from the group. This increased flexibility aims to maximise the benefits of the content when applied to a particular region. 

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